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Cement - SlideShare Jan 04, 2016· 97 Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC ) • It is a common variety of cement • It is suitable for the building all civil engineering works except under water constructions • Cement occupied the place of lime because of its greater strength • The OPC is classified into three grades, namely 33 grade, 43 grade, 53 grade depending upon the .
Cement - physical properties of OPC 1 Fineness Fineness, or particle size of portland cement affects rate of hydration, which is responsible for the rate of strength gain The smaller the particle size, the greater the surface area-to-volume ratio, which means more area available for water-cement reaction per unit volume
Fineness air permeability final (1) - SlideShare Feb 14, 2017· Reference code: IS 4031-2 (1988) –Methods of physical tests for hydraulic cement and IS 12269 Specifications for OPC 53 grade Significance: Fineness of cement has a great effect on the rate of hydration and hence the rate of gain of strength Fineness of cement increases the rate of evolution of heat Finer cement offers a great surface area .
PPC/OPC Cement - Difference Between Pozzolana & Ordinary , PPC and OPC Cement difference: PPC is a pozzolona portland cement whereas OPC is an ordinary portland cement Know more about the difference, grade of both cement ,
Concrete Mix Design for M25 grade - Civil4M Dec 25, 2017· Concrete Mix Design for M25 Grade concrete with pure cement and crush sand is as follows; OPC Cement 53 Grade – 340 Kg Water Cement ratio (w/c) – 044 Free Water – 150 liters 20mm Metal / Aggregates – 812 Kg 10mm Metal / Aggregates – 346 Kg Crush Sand – 939 Kg Admixture Dosage – 1 % Admixture – 34 Kg Density of Concrete – 2590 Kg/cum The complete mix design file ,
37 - The fineness and particle size distribution of , 37 The fineness and particle size distribution of Portland cement The final step in the production of cement is to grind the clinker pellets (and added gypsum) into a fine powder The resulting individual cement particles have a variety of angular shapes, and a wide range of sizes (see Figure 3-7 below)
CE: CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY #1 -cement, Aggregates , mixed by means of compressed air1hrof aeration a uniform mixture is obtainedtotal consumption of coal in this method is only about 100 kg when compared to 350 kg for producing a ton of cement in the wet processmoderate cooling from 1200°C, the clinker is brought to about 500°C in about 15 minutes and from the 500°C to normal atmospheric temperature in about 10 minuteses*
what is the difference of 53 & 43 grade cement ? expailn what is the difference of 53 & 43 grade cement ? expailn ALLInterview Categories , what is the difference of 53 & 43 grade cement ? expailn Answer / kamesh 1 Fineness of cement 53 grade fineness compare than to 43 grade cement 2pressive strength of concrete 3Low content gypsum so, 53 grade Fast Harding compare than .
Ordinary & Portland Pozzolana Cement (OPC & PPC , OPC is manufactured by inter-grinding 95% of cement clinker with 5% of gypsum in a closed circuit ball mill with a high-efficiency separator to the required fineness Advantages of Using OPC: OPC is an all-purpose type of cement and can find applications in any concrete structure
Different Grades of Portland Cement 33,43,53 - Civil Click Oct 15, 2017· In Grade 53 Portland cement the low content of chloride was present and the grade 53 cement has a good ability to resist sulfate The Quantity of the cement is required less in volume because this grade has a high strength as we compare to the other Portland cement grad Grade 53 cement is mainly used in: RCC Bridg
Strength of Concrete vs Grades of Cement Three brands of cement were chosen for the study form the list of tested cements For detailed investigations, a number of cement concrete mixes were designed using four different quantities of cement (360 kg, 380 kg, 400 kg and 420 kg) and various water cement ratios viz 045, 050, 055 and 060 The results are summarized at Tables 3, 4, 5
Strength of Cement Strength of cement is the most important of all the cement properti Grades mentioned in the cement bags as 53/43 grade OPC/PPC in fact represent the strength of the cement 53 Grade OPC Cement simply means that 28-days compressive strength of the cement-mortar cubes prepared out of that cement in a standard manner will be of 53 MPa
BirlaA1 Premium Cement – OPC 53 Grade BirlaA1 Premium Cement 53 Grade (OPC) One of the pioneers of 53-Grade Cement in India, Orient Cement opened up a whole new dimension in building construction with the launch of Orient Gold 53-Grade Cement in 1992
Cement : Physical Properties and Types of Cement Setting Time Cement paste setting time is affected by a number of items including: cement fineness, water-cement ratio, chemical content (especially gypsum content) and admixtur For construction purposes, the initial set must not be too soon and the final set must not be too late
425 grade cement 53 grade cement Manufacturer, Exporter , For certain specialised works such as prestressed concrete and certain items of precast concrete requiring consistently high strength concrete, the use of 53 Grade OPC is found very useful 53 Grade OPC produces higher-Grade concrete at very economical cement content
Difference between 43 and 53 Grade Cement - YouTube Sep 26, 2019· 43 Grade and 53 Grade Cement is having differences, the first major difference is its compressive strength, the number 43 and 53 is its compressive strength at the end of ,
Fineness Test Of Cement In Hindi - YouTube Jun 19, 2018· Cement fineness test, 90 micron sieve, OPC Dry density of soil compaction test by core cutter method and calculations road construction Civil
Cement Composition - The Concrete Portal The soundness of cement is related to its ability to retain its volume upon hydration, and is measured using the Le Chatelier apparatus Fineness if typically measured using the Blaine air permeability test, and is of the order of 300 – 400 m 2 /kg for OPC However, the actual distribution of particle sizes in cement can be obtained using .
Physical Requirement for 43 Grade OPC (Ordinary Portland , Mar 05, 2014· When a 43 grade ordinary Portland cement is tested for its physical requirements, then it must satisfy the following specifications given by IS 8112 The fineness value of 43 grade OPC when tested by Blaine’s air permeability method shall not be less than 225 m2/kg The expansion value (ie soundness) of unaerated cement when tested [,]
Physical and chemical properties of OPC of different , Physical and Chemical Properties of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) of different grades: Type of Cement 33 Grade (IS: 269-1989) 43 Grade (IS:8112-1989) 53 Grade (IS: 12269-1987) Physical Properties Minimum Compressive Strength, N/mm2 3 day 16 23 27 7 day 22 33 37 28 day 33 43 53 Fineness Minimum specific surface (Blaine’s air permeability) m2/kg [,]
Portland cement - Wikipedia Portland cement is the most common type of cement in general use around the world as a basic ingredient of concrete, mortar, stucco, and non-specialty groutIt was developed from other types of hydraulic lime in England in the mid 19th century, and usually originates from limestoneIt is a fine powder, produced by heating limestone and clay minerals in a kiln to form clinker, grinding the .
Suitability of Various Types of Cement and Its Grades , Apr 30, 2018· Cement is a very popular and the oldest binding material in the world There are various types of cement available nowadays Each cement has special properties and therefore it is used under certain conditions A grade of cement indicates the strength of cement The strength of cement is generally measured as compressive strengthThe strength of [,]
Specific Gravity of Cement - Detailed Explanation – Civilology If the specific gravity of cement is greater than 319 then, the cement is either not minced finely as per the industry standard or it has more moisture content which will affect the mix and bonding This is why you find lots of chunks while mixing old stock cement for concrete
Composition of cement - Penn State College of Engineering Composition of cement Introduction Portland cement gets its strength from chemical reactions between the cement and water The process is known as hydrationThis is a complex process that is best understood by first understanding the chemical composition of cement
Jaypee Group | Businesses | Cement-Cement Brands Jaypee Cement (OPC-53 Grade), because of its fine nature, good particle size distribution, optimal phase composition, imparts the properties of higher strength to the structur The Chemical & Physical properties of Jaypee Cement (OPC-53 Grade) surpasses the properties of OPC 53 grade as defined in IS: 12269 – 1987 (Please Refer Table – 3)
Cement Fineness| Concrete Construction Magazine The fineness of cement influences the drying shrinkage of concrete When the water content is increased because of fineness, the drying shrinkage is increased However, if excessive bleeding due to coarseness of the cement takes place, a reduction in the drying shrinkage occurs 8 The resistance of air-entrained concrete to deterioration .
Physical Requirement for 53 Grade OPC (Ordinary Portland , Mar 05, 2014· When a 53 grade ordinary Portland cement is tested for its physical requirements, then it must satisfy the following specifications given by IS 12269 The fineness value of 53 grade OPC when tested by Blaine’s air permeability method shall not be less than 225 m2/kg The expansion value (ie soundness) of unaerated cement when tested [,]
Difference between 43 Grade Cement and 53 Grade Cement 53 Grade cement is used for fast paced construction were initial strength is to be achieved quickly 53 Grade cement has fast setting compared to 43-grade cement 53 Grade attains 27 Mpa in 7 days compared to 23 Mpa by 43-grade cement Uses & Application: 53 Grade OPC cement is Used in RCC and pre-stressed concrete of higher grades, cement .
OPC Cement, 53 Grade Cement | Hi-Bond Cement, OPC Cement , 53 Grade OPC Cement 53 Grade OPC is a higher strength cement to meet the needs of the consumer for higher strength concrete As per BIS requirements the minimum 28 days compressive strength of 53 Grade OPC should not be less than 53 MPa
Grades of Ordinary Portland Cement Based on IS Codes IS Code – IS 12269: 1987 for Specification for 53 grade ordinary portland cement Physical Properties of OPC Cement Physical requirements other than compressive strength of cement, that are required to be checked before approving the cement for use are as follows : Fineness When tested for fineness by Blaine’s air permeability method, the specific surface of cement shall not be less .